Special Tuition

Mentorship and slave training

After practising my trade for many years at a top level, I am now branching into exciting new areas in My life to fulfil My advancement into a new career full of new knowledge and learnings.

I am very pleased to consider applications for training and mentoring.

I would consider applications from Ladies who wish to learn about the BDSM ways of life. Whether this may be for use in your personal life D/s relationship or to begin a career in the industry. 

This will cover the health and safety aspects, also the pros and cons and to help you find your own technique amongst other things.

I will also consider applications from submissives who are serious to learn and would wish to achieve satisfaction at a High Protocol level of servitude. This may assist you to attain a level of submission or to possibly serve at a high-level function such as a tea party, fetish event or to step out into the wide world of the BDSM community and find the appropriate owner to serve for many years to come.

I will make it very clear now, I am NOT accepting any new submissives to be collared to My stable, this would be for your advancement, and My satisfaction that a worthy Lady will have the possibility of getting a well-trained slave. 

The end result is entirely your responsibility!

Respectfully contact Me here for Availability Contact

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Highly experienced and sadistically skilled in the art of erotic sensuality, consensual BDSM and fetishistic therapy.

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