What a journey!

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What a journey! short but rewarding.

Triskelion Manor. 

When we start this journey we all have choices. The choice i made as a submissive and as pet to Mistress Ava Von Medisin, was to try and give my best in everything that i attempt for my Owner. What was given was my total consent for non-consent, meaning my Mistress could use her pet for whatever She chooses. Many stories can be told of the six years of servitude under the strong hand of Mistress Von Medisin, But let's leave these to another day!

If you know Mistress Von Medisin you know that this is real, my Mistress does not play at this, it is Her life, Her business, lifestyle and Dominance. 

So for me, as pet to my Owner, means i am a part of all of that! It is not a game! i aspire to be precious to my Mistress always, so my submission is real also, i give loyalty, Love and servitude to show my devotion in holding this most important and challenging position.

So where were we? Over the past few months (before November 2019) pet had been arranging flights and accommodation for my Mistress to attend the new FemDom event at Triskelion Manor in Germany. A very high protocol celebration of Female supremacy organised by the wonderful Xklusive events collective that are also the hosts of the German Fetish Ball Weekend. Mistress was very excited and had been sponsored by a submissive from overseas who would have the privilege to serve my Mistress at this wonderful event. Mistress was looking forward to relaxing with some of her lovely friends in a luxurious German castle and also to make new friends from around the world, Ladies and subs with the same ideals that She holds dearly. Mistress organises her own event in Norfolk, England. These FemDom retreats run over 4 to 5 nights giving the ladies a break from their daily lives and allowing their trusted subs to enjoy the experience of “24/5” servitude and getting involved in the smooth running of the house, from kitchen duties including cooking, cleaning, making the Ladies bed in the morning and general high protocol servitude. So this was going to be a nice relaxing time for the Boss hopefully! 


With the event drawing ever nearer there were a couple of things to pull together to help make the travel less tiresome for my Mistress, but then very sadly, my Owner needed some downtime in September and October due to a family bereavement. So pet was given the task to bring all this together by communicating with the Ladies and their subs to make the travel time to the castle less of an ordeal. 

So this happened by finding an Airbnb closer to the castle for the night before, bringing together my Mistress and her lovely friends, Miss Tess and Mistress Ezada-Sinn. Then the final step, (So pet thought) a hotel on the Wednesday night at Stanstead airport, easy! This was to allow an early departure Thursday morning to Frankfurt Germany. 

So Wednesday arrives, as pre-ordained by my Goddess, pet drove from the studio to chauffeur Mistress from Her home to the airport. There were the obligatory pitstops, nails etc on the way, but the timeframe from pick up to the arrival at the hotel was executed with precision. So as a reward for pets hard work, diligence and servitude, pet was allowed to stay with her Owner overnight at the hotel which would also allow pet to help Mistress with her luggage in the early hours of Thursday morning before her flight. Also, pet had the pleasure and torture of a training session in the gym that Mistress had preplanned! 


Anyway, that aside, after the workout we retired to the room, showered and got an early night.


If my memory serves, we awoke at 5am, Down for breakfast and out in good time to walk over to the terminal for the 7am check-in for my Domina. That complete it was the sad time for me to say "Bon voyage" to my Owner. We hugged, pet then kissed the hand of her Mistress, pet waved and turned away after Mistress had gone through to security. It is always bad, the instant drop isn't any easier to hide these days, feelings run deep for pet! With tears as i walk to the car, counting down the days until Mistress is back! 

“Goodness, three sleeps, that's all! Pull yourself together!!”

And also something nice to look forward to on Sunday when pet retraces her journey back to meet Mistress at the airport, Mistress wished to attend the Night of the Cane on Sunday evening and instructed her pet to purchase tickets, with the added bonus of another night of serving my Owner in a kinky environment. 


On my safe return to the studio, pet messaged Mistress as usual, Mistress replied to say thank you and that She had just boarded, sadly breaking a nail going through security, never good!!


So on my return, a quick "catnap" was in order and deserved?!? Two hours passed in a blink of an eye so it seemed. A message came through to say that the Boss had arrived and was meeting Miss Tess to travel onwards by car to their Airbnb. Their journey continues....


pet had a day of work to catch up on, but also planning in my head a timescale of precise attack for the next few days, work, costume for Sunday (Mistress had an exciting idea to compete in the Night of the Cane). Hitty implements for the night, travel plans and shopping. Most could be left until Saturday or Sunday morning at the latest as pet was meeting Mistress at 3:30pm Sunday. 

Mistress informed pet of their arrival in the accommodation near Kassel in Germany, so pet could relax knowing Mistress was safe.


A job well done and looking forward to a night of good sleep! 


Around 7:20 am (8:20am German time) the next morning, way before pet had set an alarm to awake, the phone sung out with the alert tone from my Mistress, always mixed emotions of joy and worry when this rings in pets ears! 


The wording stated "good morning pet, so he's not coming!"

 "I'm not sure what to do?" 

"Good morning Mistress, oh dear! The slave? That’s piss poor, Very bad form!" pet said 

"I need to get someone here!" Mistress said. 


Sitting bolt upright now, worried about my Mistress being in such an environment without a slave to serve Her needs. 

“pet is checking flights now Mistress! If pet was able to get there, would you want me? Or do you have any other option?”


The secret address for the castle came through in the next message, pet automatically knew that this meant "get here!"


Within an hour pet had booked flights to and from Frankfurt, and organised parking at Stanstead airport from Friday to Sunday. Sadly the only flight available at such short notice was not until 7pm UK time and arriving in Frankfurt at 21:35 local time. Instructions came through from my Mistress of equipment to take, also outfits that pet would need for service. So with all things gathered, and also packed for Sunday night in London at the Night of the Cane, pet loaded her car and set off on her adventure.


Arriving in good time, filling my car with fuel for Sunday and doing the long walk from the car park to the terminal, pet checked in and ordered some food to sustain her for the ongoing journey. Oh car hire! Waiting for food pet quickly searched, ordered and paid to have a car waiting at her waypoint at Frankfurt Airport...... Another job jobbed!!


Then it started to hit home! 

Shit, pet has never driven on the continent! 

Shit shit, pet doesn't know any German Road laws or have any understanding of the German language? 

Oh dear! Oh well, too late and here I go!


18:58. Message to Mistress "Boarded about to depart." 

21:38 "pet has safely landed Mistress." 

"very good" said Mistress. 

Mistress sent details of Her room number and pet excitedly said thank you and see you soon! 


So, a strange pet in a strange country!


Having swiftly gathered my luggage and escaped through all the various airport rigmarole, I encountered Michael on the car hire desk. Thankfully his English was good after he jokingly tested my German, "Zilch" i  explained laughing. He was lovely and a little flirty, so sweet Lil me managed to gain myself an upgrade to car hire, a nice new Audi A4 compared to the VW Polo I had booked. Bags loaded, a full gas tank and satnav set, purrrrfect pet thought, two hours on empty German roads, easy! 

Well, as soon as I got en route, the heavens opened and torrential rain descended on Frankfurt and stayed with me for about 90 minutes of my cumbersome induction to the German road system with articulated lorry’s hogging the very wet roads. 

Relying on my Satnav the journey continued on winding higher through thick forest edged roads. The moon was showing itself now, a glimmering friend in the forbidding surroundings. With a  mix of not wanting to be late and excitement of seeing Mistress, I started making better time. Then from the right, this creature crossed my path, i slowed to give way after it stopped and we had eye contact as it continued its road crossing. (I described it later to Mistress at the castle as a large grey scruffy fox-like creature) Mistress pointed out and realised it was a wolf! Wow, so set on my objective that it didn't even cross my mind!


Leaving the “Fox”, Both of us safely continuing our lonely journeys, I emerged past the tree line and marvelled at the view over the horizon. Glistening in welcoming light was my destination, The Castle.


Car parked and laden with cases, I walked to the very large side door as instructed and i knocked! 

No answer, No signal and obviously no Wi-Fi. It was 25 minutes past midnight. The first knock seemed to shatter the silence and again on the second knock nobody answered, panicking I knocked again, the wait seemed forever, but luckily a Lady passing by let pet in, asking if i was Ava's pet and instructed me to follow her as Mistress will be pleased. 


pet was so happy to have finished this part of my unexpected journey, (but pet has learned in all of the years serving Mistress Von Medisin, to expect the unexpected.) Feeling dishevelled, weary and suddenly anxious walking into a magnificent reception room, open fire ablaze and full of faces pet didn't know, eyes staring at pet, the Lady called out "Ava, your pet is here!" 

Facing away from me, Mistress arose from the sofa, turned and hurried to Her pet. Barely time to curtsy and raising my glance, i will never forget seeing the smile and of feeling the tight embrace from my Owner! 

This was priceless! 

An all-consuming and emotionally lifting moment, such a defining memory in my servitude, Giving love and devotion to my Domina.


pet removed her bags to the splendid and lavish room where Mistress was staying, quickly returning to sit on the floor at the feet of my Beautiful Owner, snuggling in the atmosphere with the glowing warmth of the open fire and absorbing the Dominance that filled the room. 


So Time for bed said Mistress. Mistress said her goodnight to Her friends, pet curtsied to the room before ascending the beautiful stairway behind Mistress to the room. 


Mistress found her pet a place to sleep on the floor and then instructed pet on the morning routine. Whilst Mistress used the bathroom pet made ready water and pulled back the covers for Mistress to get into bed. 

Mistress then allowed Her pet the privilege of rubbing Her divine feet while we briefly chatted, Mistress eventually fell asleep and pet snuggled in her nest and quickly fell asleep.


Now the work begins, there is never any let up from my Domina no matter how “good” pet is the day before! 


So the day of reckoning arrives! 

pet set her alarm for 7am as instructed, pet always gets up a long time before Mistress so that pet can wash, dress and fetch Coffee for Mistress at the designated time that Mistress wishes to wake. So pet went searching for coffee in the strange surroundings, but was quick to find the kitchen and have coffee made which pet took on a tray back to Mistress ready for 8:30am as instructed. Mistress enjoyed a coffee (or two) and got up and we went to breakfast around about 9:30. 


It was nice to see some familiar faces, Mistress Ezada with Her slaves and again Miss Tess with Her slave. Going back to the room pet assisted Mistress to do what was necessary to help Mistress ready Herself for the days events, pet was dressed as per instructions and presented the obligatory chastity device. A total reminder of pets place (although not needed to ever remember!)

So the itinerary for the day was that the Ladies were to attend a workshop conversation in the library from 11am until midday. And the slaves had to attend the mandatory instructions part two, obviously pet missed part one because she wasn't there the day before but with Mistress always having a tight rein on pet, these are things that pet would normally do anyway, so pet wasn't felt left behind. The instructions for us were how to serve afternoon tea for the Ladies, also then the serving order for the evening meal and instructions on what to wear. Points laid out for the smooth running and for the way that the organiser wished it to go. There were lots of questions asked by many slaves, as the majority of slaves were German men it was first instructed in German and then finally somebody translated to English also, this went on until midday. Then pet went to meet Mistress again, at 12:15 we all came together in the main reception room to have a light lunch, coffee, tea, juices. It was time to mingle and chat to people, which was very nice to get to meet people for the first time and from the night before. This finished at 1pm from there we went back to the room and we then made our way up to the second floor so that Mistress and pet could attend a foot massage workshop. Again a very nice treat to give Mistress a lovely foot rub. Again this was described in German and English, we used various techniques and used different oils. It was good fun and relaxing for the Ladies as well. This went on until 2pm and then we had time together in the afternoon before the next event. Mistress put on a beautiful dress and pet then had to go and get changed into her lovely satin maids outfit, this was for celebrating a traditional afternoon tea in the Hall of Mirrors. The afternoon tea service was to include various sandwiches, Scones, Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam as well as some homemade exquisiteness.

The Ladies enjoyed teatime and Champagne while being served by the slaves. This went really successfully and smoothly, the Ladies as usual at a tea party got quite raucous which is always lovely to see, having laughs and jokes.


So when enough sandwiches and tea had been consumed the Ladies had some time on the Veranda for photographs and to casually chat. From the slave side the service went well and it wasn't too difficult because there were kitchen staff to make the sandwiches et cetera, and the waiting staff to do all of the washing up, which was very unusual for the type of service that pet is used to, but a very welcome change!


So again Mistress and pet retired to the room and it was time to get changed again. For the evening it was black shirt and black trousers for the boys, so pet wore a very nice black dress, very pretty stockings and her maids shoes, with of course her kitten ears as instructed by Mistress. So again pet was ripped away from her owner and had to go and attend the slaves food in the basement at 6pm in the evening. This was a good time to make friends with the boys who again all of us were waited on by the staff at the castle, which again was a treat for pet, the food was wonderful and to very high standards. This went on until 7pm and pet returned to the room to greet her Mistress who had gone to see Miss Tess in her room to have pre-drinks before the evening meal at 8pm. My Mistress emerged looking stunning and as beautiful as ever in Her fabulous new dress. 


Evening Dinner was a beautiful candlelit dinner for the ladies. And service from the slaves worked in a clockwise fashion around the table, with slaves standing opposite to your Lady who you were serving. The many courses of the meal for the Ladies was exquisite and Devine. 


pets servitude brought some "unwanted" attention from two wonderful Ladies from Berlin, pet is always eager to serve not just Mistress but all dominant Ladies at these events and the wonderful Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon from the famous Studio Avalon in Berlin wanted to buy pet and teasingly taunted pet throughout to meal. Although pet hoped they were joking they haggled with my Mistress and agreed on a price to take pet to Berlin and have me as a slave. This thankfully was all done in jest but pet finds it very complimentary to have two wonderful Ladies wishing to have the service of pet which also proudly reflects on the training that has been given to pet over the years by my Domina, Ava Von Medisin. 


So with dinner service over and drinks in the lounge with lots of conversation and chatter. Mistress then rewarded pet with some time in the playroom/ dungeon. 

Mistress showed pet the layout of the playroom and instructed pet to fetch the toys. Even though pet has been taught to not expect play or reward, this was so nice to receive the release of the physical and mental tension that pet had held in her body and mind from her journey and her servitude over the period of time leading up to this trip. It is always a special time for pet to experience any BDSM from such a talent as my Mistress. With playtime over it was very late, pet was beaming from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat with the wonderful feelings of giving servitude and receiving reward and some pain. 

It was time for bed so the bedtime routine ritual went smoothly and pet once again was allowed the privilege to massage her Owners feet, we both slept so very well having had such a wonderful time and a busy day. 


Sadly the morning came so quickly, the routine again was coffee to the room and once we had dressed and packed it was time to leave the castle, sadly before breakfast with all the other Ladies due to the times of the flight. 

With the car loaded we travelled back to Frankfurt in good time for Mistress to catch her flight again, because pet had travelled separately the only flight return that pet could get was an early evening flight. So Mistress flew at 3:30 in the afternoon and pets flight wasn't until 630 that evening, meaning pet had to see Mistress leave her once again. 

pet walked to the other end of the airport to a different gate to catch the later flight, we communicated via text which was quite comical because Mistress got stopped by security. 

“Just got grilled through security!

Bag was positive for liquids so police emptied it only to find I had no liquids!!

Only underwear, latex and bondage gear ????????” Mistress said. 



pet replied “Oh dear! pet went through and the security girls hand brushed pets chastity device ????????‍?? >^..^< Vot is zat? ???? A chastity device pet said! Sit down they said, 2 guys and another girl turned up! The two girls took pet to a room and pet unashamedly lifted her skirt and shows them ???? One was shocked and one wasn’t! ????????xXx”


Obviously we both flew safely home, and pet ended up in Stansted Airport around 8pm UK time. Mistress and pet were far too tired to go to London for the Night of the Cane sadly! 

So we found the car, drove to get a meal and arrived safely back in Norfolk very late. pet was allowed the privilege of staying at the home of her Mistress until the next day. 


What life brings! Amazing xXx


kitty sends a KittyKurtsey to all of the fabulous Ladies that attended the event. 

Also gracious acknowledgement to Miss Fiorita and René for the hard work that goes into an event such as this.




As always, pet gives heartfelt Gratitude for this proud journey that she is honoured to be experiencing under the guidance of Mistress Von Medisin >^..^< xXx


miw-sher >^..^< 

Devoted and Loyal pet to You, Mistress Ava Von Medisin.

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Posted on 1st June 2020

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