Strap-On Party Experience

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Joy, Excitement, Worry and Anticipation are just a few of the emotions i felt on the day that i received this message from my Owner! pets mind and stomach always does cartwheels when it hears the ring or text tone set to alert pet of contact from my Mistress. 
As a submissive, collared, owned, living the lifestyle and adopted as pet to Mistress Ava Von Medisin, it is pets priority to be at hand whenever its Goddess requires it. So ‘the message’ came through from Mistress at 12:51 on Friday the 6th of October, stating that pet must attend the Strap-On party on the 12th of December……….. Oh My Goodness, two months to wait!
Locked in chastity, thoughts of excitement equals pain and frustration in pets ‘clitty’ and is also a constant mind-fuck; pet has given ‘consensual non-consent’ to anything Mistress chooses to inflict on pet, whether it is pleasure or pain, mental or physical, Mistress has total power exchange over Her property.

Two whole months, the build-up, the anticipation………. and the constant ‘burning’ chastity! In the interim pet endures periods of solitude (the worst torture), tasks for Mistress, tidying after sessions and also some wonderful ‘Mistress/pet time’ (see previous post, “Reflections of a pet”).

A week before the event, Mistress instructed pet to travel down the day before and was to be allowed the privilege of being with its Owner and spending time together that night and the next morning. pet made arrangements to have an extra day off work and Mistress decided we would travel together, which was a blessing, as we encountered ‘Arctic like’, sub-zero temperatures and at least a good foot of snow in places in and around Worcester. 

The day arrives.
Making the first first cup of tea for Mistress any morning fills pet with joy. pet is always on tenterhooks as it wishes to please its Goddess, but pet was more nervous than normal, this day had been a long time coming. Not only did pet have to contend with serving its Owner today, but there were three other lovely Dominant Ladies to serve, to serve well and respectively show to others who Owns me through training and discipline as needed.

At The Pain Palace.
pet dutifully and meticulously lays out the various cocks and equipment for my Mistress to use. Some which pet is unsure about and gets instructed to put it all out! 
The room is set, the Ladies are ready. The boys enter the room, all quiet, some excited and some nervous. Most were naked, a couple in dresses and one in just a chastity device and a collar. pet was dressed in white stockings and a ‘virginal’ white lacy see-thru body with black shoes (yes the ‘virginal’ part was questioned and completely ripped apart by the Ladies knowing pet is a total slut >^..^<). 
The rules are set and the ‘infamous’ Ladies introduce themselves, Lady Sara Borgia, Miss Kitty Bliss, Mistress Courtney and Mistress Ava Von Medisin.
As always, there was a Maid serving, at hand to pass the Ladies necessitates, gloves, condoms, lube and anti-bac wipes. They are there also to clean equipment and any spillages of lube and bum-juice, this pleasure went to maid trinity in this party, pet was also serving as maid together with trinity at the evening event.

The mood in the room at this point was calm and very laid back. pet was asked first to introduce herself, then it was the turn of the boys to give details of experience, ailments and allergies etc.  

Time to begin.
Medium to small cocks were adorned by the Ladies. Volunteers were called! After some hesitation from the boys, each Lady found a willing victim to impale with their mediocre, but majestic cocks. It is at this point that you see the passion for this party, with these wonderful Ladies and their very willing fuck-toys, it comes alive! The Ladies gauge how much the boys can take and if they are comfortable. pet stood back and watched the action unfold, boys were groaning and Ladies were laughing and enjoying themselves! Doggy-style, legs-up, in a sling or over a bench, the Ladies were inventive and hard-working!
The boys were changed out one or two times by now, pet was desperate to be fucked but still stood back knowing that she must not volunteer herself. Then, as my Mistress called for the next victim, no boys went forward! Mistress shouts again, “who’s next? Come on I haven’t got all day!”…. Nothing, “Fuck it I’ll rest then!” and walked towards pet, “Yes” pet thought and whimpered “miwmiw?”
“You’re not getting it as I know you want it!” were the words cutting deep into pets ears. pet proceeded to fetch Mistress some water whilst Mistress re-loaded Her strap-on harness with bigger artillery in the shape of a longer and fatter cock.
Mistress was soon back in action fucking and fisting the boys to satisfy Herself and them, pushing their limits to where they could go. pet had also been assisting the maid as it was her first time, the Ladies fuck hard and fast so it becomes quite demanding at times. 
All the Ladies by now were sporting ‘nice’, larger cocks. This was torment to my eyes and and clitty was suffering with hard arousal, then pet heard its name called, Miss Kitty Bliss took pity on pet and asked if pet could accommodate the large appendage dangling tantalisingly in front of Miss Kitty.
Excitedly but demurely asking permission from its Owner, Mistress consented but with the proviso that Miss Kitty Bliss gagged pet for ‘miwing’ out of line earlier. The gag was added, inflated and Miss Kitty proceeded to impale Her delicious cock deep into this eager slut, stretching my tight whore-hole, pushing hard onto my already swollen prostate. One worry pet had that morning was that it would milk my prostate very early and pet would feel embarrassed and a let down, there is only one person allowed to milk me! To make matters worse, as Miss Kitty was fucking pet into a frenzy, my Mistress approached and inflated my gag even more and then proceeded to rub Her heavenly latex covered bottom in Her pets face……… thankfully pet held back and the fucking stopped.
Dribbling and stretched, pet craved more. Others were feeling the same, the energy in the room was growing and boys were happily finding limits they could only ever dream of!
Miss Courtney now called me, pet asked Mistress, “Yes, but remove your top, you are wearing far too much slut!” was the reply. Happily but shyly pet obliged…….. ok, yes, for those that know, pet is an exhibitionist, but only on command from her Owner, such a thrill. A short, slow fuck followed, stretching pet a little more, not only increasing the need to orgasm but also increasing the tightness of chastity! 
Miss Courtney like all of the other Ladies were enjoying this wonderful event. 
pet was in turmoil by this time, each time gazing over and keeping eyes on its Owner, this helps to see me through, pets one thought in ALL of this time time is truly on its Goddess, when? Soon? 
Miss Kitty Bliss takes pet again after permission to go BIGGER, can I take it? Mistress said ok, so yes, pet will…. deep-filled, gagged, fucked so much in one day, a sluts dream of heaven!
pet stood and took a welcomed rest, gag free and and hydrated with water, oozing clitty juices and happily wiping lube from my gaping slut hole, Mistress walked over and instructed Her pet to fetch its nipple-clamps and wait by the sling-harness…. OMG…… “fuck Yes!” pet thought.

Mistress then exchanged cocks and fixed “Davros the Darlek”, into Her harness. A very large, bobbled encrusted Darlek shaped, fucking HUGE cock. 

Mistress was a vision walking towards ‘me’! 

my dream, my ‘obsession’, my Owner, my ‘spice of perversity’. 

Quickly and sharply Mistress sent pet to fetch the ‘item’ pet was unsure about earlier!

pet returned, “Get into the harness!” Feet in stirrups, nipple-clamps were put on ….. 

Then the “#FuckOf My Life”…… No holds barred……. No let up…….. No Complaints…….. No choice!

The device was attached between pets body and her scrotum, pet was just an object, pulled towards to impending Anal Intrusion, slowly at first, impaled internally onto this Beautiful Goddess! Looking into the eyes of my Owner, seeing the smile and pleasure, never knowing what that wonderful perverted mind will conjure up in the very next moment, knowing Her monstrous rubber cock is penetrating ‘Her property’, abusing it as Mistress sees fit!
The chains supporting pet were swinging back and forth, the strokes became faster and longer. Mistress tugged on the nipple clamps adding to the sensations. Deeper, harder, faster, pet thought she was going to cum, she wanted to ask, she dare not, pet was getting near and stated this, Mistress took away any chance of this by pulling harder on the contraption pulling pets clitty at an angle away from its body. Deeper and harder the dildo entered my slut hole. Begging for release, knowing it will not happen. Then Mistress stops and takes pet down.

Such a Memory, a pleasure and an honour.

Shaking, pet sinks to her knees and gives Gratitude to its Beautiful Goddess, a Kiss to the hand and each heavenly foot.

Smiling from ear to ear like the ‘proverbial Cheshire-Cat’, pet cleaned up the area and fetched water for Mistress before re-hydrating itself. 

It was just a short while before this slut was used again, Miss Courtney wanted to use a similar cock as to what my Mistress had just used, this belonged to Miss Borgia. They both then wanted to team up and Double-Domme, to spit-roast this wanton whore!
My Mistress very kindly granted permission and pet was instructed to lay face up on the gynaecological bench, legs in the stirrups with its chastised clitty, breasts and slut-hole unceremoniously on display. While Miss Courtney was adorning the phallic monster of Her choice, Miss Borgia was already loaded with and equally impressive appendage and sat beside this quivering and excited object that was to be abused! Miss Borgia proceeded to inflict some hard nipple torture to pets erect nipples, building the excitement more by stating what a lucky slut pet was and making pet groan with more pressure on its nipples.
Miss Courtney arrived and the Ladies proceeded to finger fuck pet and lube its fuck-hole, they then took pleasure in taking turns to stretch and fill pet with their giant cocks whilst still inflicting pain to those over-sensitive nipples. The amusement of pet being so frustrated and locked away in chastity, knowing it was tight in its cage, having been living in ‘clitty-hell’ for about three months by that time, inspired to Ladies to tease pet more! Miss Borgia then got in such a position up by the head of their fuck-toy, and then impaled her cock as far into their willing whores month as possible. “Such a fucking slut!” they said. pet was so wet and so horny by the time the Ladies had finished their fun. They withdrew their cocks from the used holes and revelled in their victorious conquest, their item of fuck-fun was a shaking wreck but Miss Courtney wanted more! 
pet was dribbling from each hole, instructed the stay laying there by Miss Courtney, pets body and mind in over-drive, Miss Courtney soon arrived back to start again. pets eyes dare not even look to see what was to be inserted, pet has learned never to look at what is next when my Owner is using pet for whatever purpose. The insertion was easy and was a welcomed change from large to a medium sized cock, this brought different sensations to my insides and was less intrusive and more sensual in its massage to my prostate! Moaning and shuddering with each long and slow internal thrust, internal anal orgasmic contractions soon had pet near a point that it knew must not happen without permission. Could pet be excused if its clitty orgasmed? So wanting but so not daring to face the wrath of Mistress and the humiliation that would ensue if that ‘accident’ happened, pet pleaded to Miss Courtney to please stop and stated pet was not permitted this pleasure! Miss Courtney laughed and pulled out, ‘painfully and teasingly slow’ but thankfully pet was able to hold off and maintain what very little dignity it had! 
Legs like jelly and looking like a dishevelled rag-doll walking away from a perverted sex-scene, pet got an afternoon of anal fucking that would be in her memory for the rest of her life!

This fully fucked pet was given permission to clean and make itself more presentable before thanking each Lady for their kindness, pet did this with much pleasure and gratitude.

Most of all pet gives heartfelt Love and Gratitude to its Owner, my beautiful Mistress. This was a truly wonderful experience. Thank You for this ever changing journey from beginning to end, not just now, but forever.

Yours, as always, with Love, Respect, Truth and Devoted Servitude.

miw-sher >^..^<

Devoted and Loyal pet to You, Mistress Ava Von Medisin

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Posted on 1st January 2018

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