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Dearest Mistress >^..^< pet sends deep devoted love to her beautiful Owner

Firstly pet would love to give gratitude for the time pet has been Your property,  also for the time and effort Mistress put into the wonderful training given to Your pet last Saturday.

The memory and thoughts in pets mind are as strong as the bonds that secured Your pet. When Mistress sent the email outlining instructions for the ‘that’ morning, pet had so many mixed emotions, pet felt scared, uplifted, joyful, ‘wanting’ and hope, but Something was bothering pet, the word training? pet wasn’t sure, and never would be, of what was in store for her? But pet knew it was something she needed. When you hurt me i like it, pet craves it even. pet loves being so completely on the back foot, Being demeaned, diminished, feeling your hands at my wrists, or pulling my hair, feeling you overpower me, dominate me, You make my breath quicken at the thought of whatever fiendish thing you’re going to do next, it does it for me! It makes me wet and i lie in bed at night thinking about it sometimes. You are my cathartic kindness! my total release!

That morning, on Your command, pet made herself ready as per Your instructions. Mistress entered the room and pets emotions, thoughts, body and actions were Yours, everything focused on Your presence, Your words, Your actions and Your Dominance. On Your command pet was allowed to greet You in the way she longs to do daily. You ordered your pet to stand, to strip naked, something pet is not used to being, totally naked! Wearing stockings usually gives pet a sense of security. So to be totally naked and ordered to turn, Your pets body being carefully inspected by its Owner, then turn again! pet felt vulnerable, more so than usual. You have an eye into my soul it feels, Mistress knows pet better than pet knows herself in this situation. Your pet couldn’t comprehend why she was being inspected, she felt humiliated but increasingly aroused, embarrassed that her ‘clitty’ was growing in its cage, knowing that i had given total control to You, my Mistress. 
pets nipples were tingling, anticipation of the unknown! Before pets mind had settled, Mistress positioned pets arms behind her back and started looping rope to tie my forearms together, then the rope was passed around pets upper torso, pulling my arms tightly to my body, looping again around my waist, over my shoulders and this time just above the curve of pets breasts. pets arousal was ever-growing and her breathing feeling constricted as my heartbeat raced. pets breasts were pounding and swelling through their rope confines. The rope then weaved accurately and strongly between pets legs, and tightly around Your chastity caged clitty before the rope ends were tied and neatly finished off. 
Your property was captive in its tight, sensual rope binding as the feeling of increased restraint aroused your pet. You led your pet away, your voice commanding but unusually soft, then with a strict tone pet was instructed to lay on her front on the couch. pet struggled to move into position but was firmly moved into the prone position by the strong hands of her captor. With arms tightly tied behind my back, Laying on my tight chastity encased Clitty, pet tried to wiggle to relieve the pressure her body was putting not only on her chastity device,  but her engorged boobies also.
Naked, helpless, restrained. Was my bare bottom to be the target? The cane? spanked? Paddle? Thoughts running through pets mind!
No, my Sadistic Owner wished to tease her pets prostate even more, it had been subjected to massage from various anal toys over past months, butt plug tails and anal hook, and now an electrode butt plug, giving pet the feeling of being fucked without actually being fucked! pets prostate was screaming out before this torturous pleasure! pet takes the e-stim as Mistress likes to give it, high setting, now pet is wanting orgasm release more than ever! Then more rope, like the proverbial damsel in distress,  pets feet were tied, knees bent and brought towards pets bottom. Then more rope between pets toes, intricately weaved to be more secure than ever been before, the feeling, that fantasy, like being tied to the railway line, Bringing back memories of movies in the olden days, pure damsel in distress, beautiful! pets moans and groans where stifled by mistress adding an inflatable gag to Her pets mouth. Totally helpless, wow, Mistress towering over me, pet turning her head but struggling to see my Goddess. My mind was swimming, ecstasy washed over me, my clitty trapped beneath me. pet could not squirm, pet could not escape and neither wanted to ever escape. But she wished for total release by Pain and to be milked! But she knew full well it is never her decision. Mistress left the room but soon returned, the Gag was pumped up in pets mouth before Mistress started to drip hot wax on Her captive pet. The sensations were different depending on where and how the hot wax was dropped. Some were like knives cutting the skin. 

When Mistress was satisfied, pet was released from the couch, however,  Mistress kept her pet in the rope body harness that was so skilfully tied, and still so very tight. 

Now, sitting on the floor, legs tied wide giving Mistress access to pets breasts and clitty, anal e-stim pulsating inside and pet wishing now more than ever to be milked and release those months of pent up frustration in pets throbbing clitty. At this point, on this day, pet had been locked securely in chastity for 78 days, 78 sleep deprived nights of waking through the night moaning, in pain, clitty hard and erect, burning as the scrotum is pulled into the tight ring. Wishing for release but equally grateful that Mistress has that control, happy to be honoured that your Owner is the keeper of your key, not knowing, submitting your everything to the Goddess you love. 
Then hope, Mistress unlocks the chastity device and releases ‘Her’ clitty.... “Yes”, freedom. 78 days done, pet had endured 112 days in physical chastity before, but this seemed more difficult? Possibly because on the day of being locked away, pet had endured an hour of e-stim on her clitty, being keep erect and hard for that whole time, being teased and tied, humiliated and gagged. And also two ‘training’ sessions weeks before that, one very difficult one, being deprived of seeing, but hearing my Mistress pleasure Herself and with many other aspects of BDSM involved too. Very tough on kitty but deservingly so. A lesson learned! 
So yes, release..... but then, more e-stim, on pets clitty and sack this time. Or so it should have been! pet, without gag, spoke up (stupidly) that it wasn’t working! Mistress then put that right, the shocks going through pet took her breath away, pushing her body and legs into uncontrollable spasms, loud noises of pain now coming from pets mouth. Mistress took pleasure in seeing pet squirm in discomfort. The shock was felt totally in pets one and only testicle, unbearable nearly, and after a while Mistress kindly redirected the “pleasure” to her pets ‘girl-cock’ clitty. This was now nice, added to the fact that Mistress started whipping pets inner thighs and boobs. pet then had to endure chopsticks on her nipples while the e-stim was massaging my prostate and girl-cock, getting ever closer to pet asking permission to orgasm. pet couldn’t wait. 
Then more “mind-fuck,” literally! Standing over pet, bottom near pets face, Mistress repositioned the chopsticks onto pets clitty foreskin, but also, Mistress hiked up Her skirt, teasingly showing the most perfect, tight, thong clad bottom and proceeded to sit on pets face. Such beauty, such skill, taking pets breath away in more ways than one! pet so wanted to orgasm, pet could not touch herself as the restraints were biting tight by now, pet could not speak, the weight and the pressure were perfect. Mistress lifted off to allow a breath, the wetness and aroma were magnificent and orgasmic indeed, pet sneakily licked her own lips to taste heavenly Goddess juices, then Mistress face-sat pet again, pet wrongly licked again at an inappropriate time and was threatened with castration if that happened again! Suffice to say, it didn’t! A few more heavenly minutes passed with pet getting to the point of no return. Feeling that months had passed and the days of frustration would begin again tomorrow. 
Mistress bent over, giving what seemed a touch and sensation to pets clitty, to bring an orgasmic end to this frustrated trembling body, but unknowingly to pet, just removing the chopsticks and e-stimulation pads! Then standing up and away from pet, Mistress turned and squatting in front of me, started to apply the chastity device on Her property, pet whined and moaned her frustration without speaking words! Deservingly this warranted strong face slaps which pet then knew meant ‘this was it!’ No whining, no argument, chastity will continue! The ring was now forced over the testicle and the erect girl-cock was ‘Lovingly’ threaded very hard through the ring with an added gleeful chuckle from Mistress. Everything was then stuffed, with lots of effort, and much spit for lubrication from Mistress, into the hard shell of the chastity tube! 

Fuck...... yes, that is what pet thought, but in the next breath, pet spoke and gave heartfelt Gratitude  for being secure again, under lock and key, of my one and only Mistress. 

pet is then released from her tight bonds. Allowing Your pet to show her gratitude by kissing the hand and feet of her Goddess. 

pet Loves You Mistress >^..^< xXx 

So the clitty is imprisoned yet again, for how long pet does not know! For how long, pet does not care. 
pet can hope and ‘pray’, pet can wonder and wish, but pet will not ask. That purrrfect release, A milking or a beating. 
You break me down, You sadly see my worst! Only You, my Mistress, can rebuild me. pet loves You for being You. 

You make me feel safe and confident, i would never just let anybody ‘hurt’ me and have the power over me that i give freely and proudly to You Mistress. 
i am sorry when i cause You pain and frustration. Being Your pet is challenging for us both, but pet is Yours, Your property, and i am Very proud to announce to the world that You are my Beautiful Owner. 

Yours in Devoted Servitude and heartfelt gratitude. 

miw-sher >^..^< 
Devoted and Loyal pet to You Mistress Ava Von Medisin.

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Posted on 1st December 2017

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