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In My time as a Professional Dominant I have had many that have applied to serve me as personal slaves.

Total strangers that have had no other connection with me other than them sending an email or text messages. These may contain elaborate résumés that promise domestic efficiency to fulfill Mistress’s desires, for Mistress to lead a glamorous and stress free life! Oh and if I am extra lucky, attached to these messages are various images of the applicant.

So what has made these men contact me in the first place?

Have they served Me in session? No

Do they know My lifestyle and My needs? No

Have I advertised for a personal slave? No


As a female dominant I am passionately independent, My lifestyle is interwoven with many different past-times, other areas of interest and people. My household is maintained with regimes that are all timely calculated as part of my obsessive compulsion. As much as twenty four hour, seven days a week servitude can be appealing to some, and a pure fantasy for most subs, for Myself I would find it overbearingly tedious and frustrating.

So what actually happens when I decide to offer a submissive a personal slave position?

Those individuals have initially served Me within a session placement , they have made themselves present without demand or with any self-gratification intentions. They have not sent me their bucket lists nor sent me intimate images of them. Instead they have committed time and shown loyalty which has developed a connection between them and the person they wish to serve.

 At first it is difficult to understand why such a strong union develops in some but not in others! I guess initially it can be formed by the utmost trust in one another during times spent. The sub putting their trust into Me knowing they have not been given any form of safe word or “get out card” and the trust I have upon the sub is having their respect and understanding of my passion and ethics I hold towards My work, but further more for the respect and understanding towards the person I am.

Throughout the construction of the  D/s relationship finding the dynamic and balance that allows the Dominant and submissive to feel that they naturally represent each other is an important factor. One shouldn't hold back on their feelings or thoughts if things are to develop for each others fulfillment and enjoyment. A submissive should find pleasure from serving the Mistress whom he is owned by and the Mistress finds fulfillment from her slaves servitude and company.     

It is then My choice to offer these subs a more meaningful position For a period of time they still have to attend regular session appointments, show commitment and loyalty, take an interest in My interests and work with effort to form a bond that clearly identifies the Dominate/slave relationship.

 I shall not pretend that all My choices have been fulfilling. In the past I have chosen wrongly, those whom I have thought to be competent, loyal and submissive have turned out to be difficult, unreliable and focused upon their own gratification and interests. I have been devastatingly deflated by shows of selfishness and contempt, when all I have shown is understanding, acceptance and guidance.

So the walls that surround My expectations are immeasurably high. Those that serve me in sessions will only understand and experience the very bottom of that wall, only abiding by My code of conduct throughout the time they spend with Me.

My personal slaves are expected to adhere to their oaths that they took upon being placed in My collar, as well as abiding by My wishes no matter what! I as their Mistress will always be more deeply and emotionally connected; I will defend their existence when wrongfully accused, I will punish them when I see fit to do so and I was always show them respect for the submission they show Me, as long as I have their remaining respect in return.

So before you decide to apply to be My personal slave, just take a reality check.

Becoming a personal slave does not make me exclusively yours! Even if you proposed a million pounds, along with a mansion on some exotic coast, I would still be independent, I would still crave the variation of other company and I would still be Me.

I do not play at being a dominant! I don’t have to make up roles in order for Me to feel confidently engaged in knowing My needs.

I am in total peace of who I am. So stop and question yourself Are you totally at peace with yourself?

 Because in My books you Need to be, in order to give yourself totally.      








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Posted on 14th June 2016

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